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Not as graceful as one might think

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psych challenge: [4/4] relationships: shawn/juliet
↳ “well, i think that everybody who’s looking for a soulmate may at one time feel that there are outside forces conspiring against them.”

This is what I want. Their relationship looks so fun and interesting and even though there’s rough patches you know that everything will be okay because of the way they look into each others eyes. Now that. That’s what I want.

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You don’t understand. Come Saturday, when the Robin Hood DW episode premiers, I am going to make sooo many references/jokes that you’re all going to groan and look for the unfollow button. Men in Tights. Monty Python. Looney Tunes. Shrek. There are so many Robin Hood/Medieval parodies! I am going to have the time of my life!